Ballet / Neo Classical (Ballet: Strictly classical ballet technique – student to wear a Tutu.  Neo classical: Still using ballet technique but a layout for instance can be done – NO TUTU, rather soft dress)

Lyrical: Portraying of lyrics in a song is important.  Use of ballet technique an advantage.

Contemporary (Not lyrical) This is a style that uses modern and lyrical technique, mostly done on instrumental music with no words.

Modern Jazz: America Jazz or Old school Jazz (Fossie) can be done under this style.

Show Dance: Including Musical Theatre and Character dances.

Disco Dance High impact dance movements required with body impulses

Hip Hop (All styles: Crumping, House, Old school, Wacking ect).           

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. 50% Dance and 50% tricks for each routine is a requirement. 

Tap a dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rythmical tapping of the toes and heels. Incl. Broadway or Rythmic Tap styles.

Category rules

  • Solo: Dancers age on 1 January. This will decide the age category the dancer will dance in.
  • Groups/duo/trio: Average age of the group will be taken to determine the age category.
  • Only 2 or less Amateur dancers can dance in a Novice group.
  • If there are more than 2 Amateur dancers in a group, the group will automatically be moved to the Amateur section.
  • NO ADVANCED dancers can dance in a Novice group.
  • Trio/Quartet – Same rule applies.
  • Duet: If a Novice and Amateur/Advance student dance together the duet will be competing in the Amateur section.
  • A dancer is only allowed to dance in their own age category or higher.
  • If a student is in the Advance level with any Modern/Jazz or Lyrical/Contemp solos they would also fall into the same level for Show dance.
  • If an Advanced dancer started a new style like Ballet, Tap, Acro they may start at Beginner or Novice. (For instance first time solo on pointe can not be entered in Advance.


3 Years & Under

4 – 5 Years

6 Years

7 – 8 Years

9 – 10 Years

11 – 12 Years

13 – 15 Years

16 – 18 Years

19 – 29 Years

30 & Over


Beginner & Novice

Beginner & Novice

Beginner, Novice & Amateur

Beginner, Novice & Amateur

Beginner, Novice, Amateur & Advanced

Beginner, Novice, Amateur & Advanced

Beginner, Novice, Amateur & Advanced

Beginner, Novice, Amateur & Advanced

Beginner, Novice, Amateur & Advanced



All styles: 1.30min – 2min


All styles: 2min


All styles: 3min


Any style: 5-10min

Pre-school Children

Teachers can dance with the dancers in front of the stage on the lower level until the age of 5. No teacher can dance in front of the group of dancers if there is dancers older than 5 years in the group. No teacher can dance from the wings.



Bronze – 60% – 69%

Silver – 70% – 79%

Gold – 80% – 100%

When a dancer receives 85% and higher only then will he/she will be moved up to the next level automatically for the next year.

There will be a prize giving in between sections during the duration of the day.  All students will receive a medal.








The judging panel will be confirmed. 

Scoring points are given to each routine with a maximum score of 100%.

The decision of the judges are final and cannot be changed.

No Competitor, Teacher or parent can approach the judges.


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A Photographer and Videographer will be taking videos & photos of dancers. All photos and videos are included in your registration for 2021.

Videos & photography by spectators are NOT allowed

Entries and Entry Fees.

Entries to be done on the StudentPlus system.

  • Registration: R250 per dancer (this includes access to all photos and videos)
  • Solos: R170 per solo
  • Groups: R120 per dancer per group
  • Duos/Trios/Quartet: R150 per dancer

Closing date for entries: 30 September 2021

Entry fees to be paid over to Stage Quest: 5 October 2021
(If entry fees are not paid on time, dancers will be removed from the schedule)

Teachers please remember to make one payment for all your entries. No individual payments will be accepted.

Spectator’s Fees:

  • R60 per person per day


In order to keep our dancers and spectators safe, we have the following rules in place for COVID-19.

  1. Limited tickets available per day. Only 6 spectators/supporters per dancer.
  2. Online ticket sales only – NO CASH or CARD at the door.
  3. Everyone (spectators, crew, dancers and teachers) will need to do a COVID-19 Declaration, and comply before entry will be allowed.
  4. Not more than 250 people in the arena at any given time.
  5. Failure to submit your Covid-19 declaration for the dancer will RESTRICT the dancer from taking part in the festival.
  6. COVID declaration needs to be submitted for all spectators/supporters on purchasing of tickets.